Fact Check: Trudeau falsely claimed Harper cut support during 2008 recession


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau claimed in a press conference that the former Conservative government of Stephen Harper had “cut support” too quickly during the 2008 recession. A True North review of federal spending programs from 2008 and 2009 found Trudeau’s statement to be misleading. “In the last year we promised to have people’s back through this crisis. That means protecting you and your family. It also means making the right investments on what comes next,” Trudeau told reporters. “We remember what happened when the previous government cut support too quickly during the great recession of 2008. We won’t be making that mistake. This budget lays out a plan for good middle-class jobs and a clean resilient economy that works for everyone.” Trudeau’s claim rests on two points: that the Harper government had cut financial and economic support to Canadians and that it happened too soon. In reality, the Harper government massively increased spending to support Canadians through the crisis and introduced the multi-year Economic Action Plan which has been described by experts as “one of the largest stimulus packages among affluent OECD countries.”

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