Cool Cop Shuts Down Annoying Heckler in Perfect Way, Punk’s Temper Explodes When He Realizes What Just Happened


A police officer confronted by a fired-up heckler has gone viral for responding with a simple question that utterly destroyed the left’s narrative about the police shooting death of a Columbus, Ohio, teenager. In the video, which had garnered 1.4 million views as of Sunday afternoon, a police officer was asked by a bystander, “Are you gonna kill me like Ma’Khia Bryant?” Bryant was a 16-year-old foster child who was shot and killed by a member of Columbus law enforcement on Tuesday as she appeared to be swinging a knife at another girl and posing a substantial threat to the girl’s life. The officer, without missing a beat, replied simply, “Are you gonna try and stab somebody like her?” “No,” the individual replied indignantly before exploding in scoffs and profanity, calling the officer “goofy” and telling him to get “outta here.” Ironically, the young man told the members of law enforcement seen in the video that the officer would go viral — which he certainly has, as this conversation perfectly sums up the dead-end narrative of Black Lives Matter and other anti-police progressive rhetoricians.

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