‘Significant number’ of young people are dying at home with COVID-19: Ontario coroner


Ontario is seeing a great number of young Canadians dying at home with COVID-19, with an average of two people a day. Over the past two weeks there has been 25 deaths of people who have died at home, 16 were under the age of 60. “This is a significant number that we’ve been involved with, compared to earlier in the pandemic,” said. Dr. Dirk Huyer, Ontario’s chief coroner and coordinator of the province’s outbreak response team. “This is a difference in what we’ve seen from a risk factor,” he added. In a press conference on April 22, Dr. Huyer said that more people have died at home before being able to seek medical care for COVID-19 during the third wave.“ These people have not been able to obtain health care because the disease affected them so quickly and so seriously, leading to deaths in the community, which we did not see in the Office of the Chief Coroner in the first wave,” he said. According to Dr. Huyer, age has become the most significant predictor for COVID-19 cases and, “this is a younger group than we’ve seen before.” Although these people exhibited symptoms, they weren’t serious enough for hospitalization, but then rapidly deteriorated.

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