Watch: Facebook Demonetizes Video Of Candace Owens Discussing Underreported Facts About George Floyd, Ma’Khia Bryant


Facebook on Thursday nearly completely demonetized a video of Daily Wire host Candace Owens talking about underreported facts concerning George Floyd and Ma’Khia Bryant. The Daily Wire prereleased Owens’ monologue for this Friday’s episode of “Candace” to Facebook on Thursday afternoon and subsequently received a message from the Big Tech company saying the video’s earnings are being reduced or entirely demonetized for including “sensitive content.” The supposed “sensitive content” was never identified to The Daily Wire. Notably, the video includes Owens reading Floyd’s criminal rap sheet and a statement describing an incident wherein Floyd broke into a woman’s home and pointed a pistol at her stomach. The Associated Press acknowledged: “In 2007, Floyd was charged with aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon. Investigators said Floyd and other men barged into an apartment, where he pushed a pistol into a woman’s abdomen. Floyd pleaded guilty and was sentenced to five years. When he was paroled in 2013 he was nearing 40.”

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