Watch: Deputy Pulls Over Biker, What Happens Next Is Why Police Are So Critical


The actions of a sheriff’s deputy in Florida earlier this month, which were caught on video, could go a long way toward reminding some people that police officers are tasked with many challenges, and sometimes they’re willing to go above and beyond to serve those in need. Master Deputy Donald Rizer, with the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, recently stopped a man on a motorcycle in Tampa, Florida, who was having a challenging day after he said he watched a friend die in a motorcycle crash, WTSP-TV reported. Rather than write that man a ticket, or scorn him for a minor traffic violation over his bike exhaust, the deputy shared a little wisdom and a lot of humanity with a person who was grieving. “I had a horrible week,” the man said in a video captured by Rizer’s body camera. “I saw my friend die in front of me.” Rizer encouraged the young biker to take off his helmet and breathe. The deputy told the rider he’d seen too many people die on motorcycles and urged him to stay off the road while he was in a state of distress. “I’m glad I stopped you if you’re emotional like that,” Rizer told him.

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