Trudeau’s department teaches ‘only white people can be racist’


The Trudeau government-run department of Global Affairs has instructed its employees that only white people can be racist, according to a freedom of information request obtained by the Toronto Sun. In their anti-racism training, Global Affairs Canada states that they were inspired by “critical race theory.” On top of this, Global Affairs Canada happily declared that if you “aren’t an antiracist, you are complicit” in racism. One instruction was that diplomats “might freely tell a staff that they won’t get posted to a particular country because the country won’t see them as being Canadian or because their ancestry is from that particular country.” Global Affairs also mentioned that “every institution in this country was and is used to prove that race exists and to promote the idea that the white race is at the top of the racial hierarchy and all other races are below, with the Black race on the bottom.” Since 2019, the Trudeau government began to implement antiracism training within the Canadian civil service in an attempt to combat systemic racism within the federal bureaucracy.

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