Sign at George Floyd Square gives list of special orders for white visitors


The square where George Floyd was murdered by ex-Minnesota cop Derek Chauvin now has a sign with special rules for white people. The placard at the entrance of George Floyd Square in Minnesota calls it “a sacred space for community, public grief, and protest,” telling visitors to “honor the space as a place to connect and grieve as caring humans.” But most of the instructions are listed under five orders “for white people in particular.” “Decenter yourself and come to listen, learn, mourn, and witness,” the first bullet points reads, adding, “Remember you are here to support, not to be supported.” “Be mindful of whether your volume, pace, and movements are supporting or undermining your efforts to decenter yourself,” the second orders says. White visitors are ordered to “seek to contribute to the energy of the space, rather than drain it.” “Bring your own process to other white folks so that you will not harm BIPOC,” it says, using an acronym for black, indigenous and people of color. A fourth instruction tells people to use caution taking photos for social media, especially without consent from people in them. It is not clear why that is aimed “in particular” at white people.

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