Pierre Poilievre’s Speech On Modern Monetary Theory Is Something All Canadians Should Watch


As Canada falls further into the depths of fantasy economics, much of the debate has been about who can best ‘manage’ the ballooning federal government. Many politicians – including many ‘conservative’ politicians – have fallen into the Liberal frame of accepting that increased spending is the solution to every problem. Erin O’Toole has been moving between contradictory messages, saying on the one hand that Trudeau is spending too much, while also saying Trudeau didn’t give enough to the provinces for healthcare and ‘let down families,’ presumably by not spending enough on them. What has been missing is a logical & philosophical case made by the Conservatives against the very idea of big spending itself. Well, that case has been made by Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre. In a roughly 9-minute long speech, Poilievre discusses how so-called ‘Modern Monetary Theory’ isn’t so ‘modern’ at all, going through a history of those who thought they could somehow generate wealth by printing money/debasing their currency, with the inevitable result of making people poorer and leading to financial disaster everytime.

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