As Canadians Suffer, Trudeau Gaslights The Country & Puts His Open Borders Ideology Ahead Of Our National Interest


Trudeau thinks you should be locked down, while international flights bring infected people into the country. If this isn’t insanity, what is? A backlash is building as more and more people consider the absurdity of the fact that we are being to locked down and restricted within Canada, but virus-infected foreign individuals are free to enter country through countless international flights. You see, even as lockdowns are becoming even stricter in much of the country, Canada continues to allow flights from virus hotspots, undoing any sacrifices made by Canadians and bringing new variants into the country. Yet, even as variants enter the country at a rising pace because of our open borders (AKA open airports letting foreign flights in), Trudeau is still refusing to take action, as noted in this Global News report: “Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is indicating the federal government is looking at additional COVID-19 measures to protect international borders but won’t stop flights into Canada from India. In an interview with Global News Wednesday, Trudeau said community spread continues to be the main concern and not international travel.

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