13-Year-Old Girl Allegedly Fatally Stabs Teen Girl During Fight Just 1 Day Before Leftists Slam Cop for Preventing Stabbing Death


Two similar crimes with two very different outcomes reveal the dangerous game the left is playing when it characterizes every police shooting as another instance of systemic racism. It’s almost as if Black Lives Matter and Democratic politicians don’t really care about a black person dying as long as it doesn’t happen at the hands of a white police officer. That’s certainly how they treated the death of Ma’Khia Bryant, the 16-year-old black girl shot by a Columbus, Ohio, police officer Tuesday as she attempted to stab another girl, who is also black, with a large knife. The officer’s body camera footage released Wednesday appeared to support his reason for pulling the trigger, but the professional race baiters still jumped on the incident as yet another white cop satisfying his bloodlust for a black victim. Worse yet, they tried to dismiss Bryant’s responsibility in the crime by describing it as just your typical teenage knife fight, with some blaming the officer for escalating the situation. A case just the day before in Cincinnati tragically ended that way as 13-year-old Nyaria Givens was fatally stabbed with a pocket knife by another 13-year-old girl, WLWT-TV reported.

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