Stacey Abrams Repeats Lie That 2018 Governor Election Was ‘Stolen from the Voters of Georgia’


“It’s been over two years, and you still refuse to concede that you lost the race for governor in Georgia in 2018,” Texas Sen. Ted Cruz said during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Tuesday. Former Georgia House member, 2018 Democratic candidate for the state’s governorship and current activist Stacey Abrams sat on the receiving end of Cruz’s questions. “You have said that, quote, ‘You do not concede that the process was proper’ and that, quote, ‘They stole it from the voters of Georgia.’ Yes or no, today, do you still maintain that the 2018 Georgia election was stolen?” Abrams dodged the question. “As I’ve always said, I acknowledged at the very beginning that Brian Kemp won under the rules that were in place. What I object to are rules that permitted thousands of Georgia voters to be denied their participation in this election, to have their votes cast out,” she said. Cruz repeated his question, asking for a clear yes or no answer and stating that he had used her own language to form his question.

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