Following the Chauvin verdict, there are two videos you should see


The Derek Chauvin trial and verdict may well mark a turning point in America. At one level, we’ve seen our criminal justice system reduced to one terrible message: Blacks win and Whites lose, or your cities will burn. If true, this is a disaster for Black and White communities alike. At another level, this moment may be the prod that all Americans who believe in a free, colorblind society need to push them out of their comfort zones and into the ideological war being waged in America. Candace Owens has articulated the first level, while Ben Domenech has stated the second. Owens appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show after the verdict was rendered. During an entire hour-long show with no commercial breaks, Tucker spent almost every minute talking to people about the verdict. The best guest was Candace Owens, who was absolutely outraged by the messages seen in the trial’s conduct, the Democrat politicians’ statements, and the ultimate verdict sent regarding race and criminal justice in America.

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