Climate change: Biden summit to push for ‘immediate’ action


The US will attempt to re-assert its global leadership on climate change as President Joe Biden hosts 40 leaders at a virtual summit in the White House. It’s expected that the US will unveil an updated carbon pledge that will see their emissions nearly halved by 2030. Ahead of the meeting, officials urged greater ambition on countries perceived as laggards on climate. Referring to Australia, an official said “there would have to be a shift” in their approach. President Biden has made climate change a key focus in the early days of his administration. As well as re-joining the Paris climate agreement on his first day in office, he announced early on that he would gather around 40 world leaders for a global summit on Earth Day – 22 April. Among those attending will be China’s President Xi Jinping. Despite serious tensions between the two countries on a host of issues, both sides seem keen to keep climate change separate from these disputes. Last weekend, the two countries issued a joint statement saying they would tackle climate “with the seriousness and urgency it demands.”

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