Bloc MP apologizes for taking photo of Liberal MP nude during virtual Parliament


A Bloc Quebecois MP has apologized for taking a photo of a Liberal MP who appeared nude in a non-public view of the virtual House of Commons last week, but says he doesn’t know how it was leaked. In a statement in the Chamber on Wednesday, Bloc MP Sebastien Lemire, who represents the riding of Abitibi-Témiscamingue, Que., admitted he did take a photo of fellow Quebec MP Will Amos, who was changing in his office following a jog and did not realize his camera was on. The Bloc MP has apologized to Amos, his family, his colleagues and anyone else he may have offended. Lemire also apologized to the House for breaking the rules by taking the photo of parliamentary proceedings in the first place. However, Lemire told his colleagues in French that he has “no idea” how the image made its way into the media. “That is all I have to say under the circumstances,” Lemire said in French. The photo that was circulated showed Amos without clothes behind a desk in his office, holding something in his hand at an angle that covered his genitals from view. It remains unclear whether Lemire was the only one to capture the moment.

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