As Ottawa mulls flight ban, variant discovered in India is now in B.C.


As federal officials consider a ban on flights from a country dealing with a massive COVID-19 outbreak, a variant first discovered in India is now in B.C. It’s a massive humanitarian crisis: India reported more than 300,000 cases of the disease in a single day. And it has some experts wondering whether it’s time to suspend flights to and from the country for the time being. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says it’s under consideration in Canada, and travel restrictions are already in place in some countries. On the West Coast, three recent flights from India were added to the B.C. Centre for Disease Control’s list of flights with possible COVID-19 exposures. Looking back a little further, eight of 13 international flights with cases on board which have landed in Vancouver since April 11 have been from India. At least one doctor says he thinks a flight ban should be considered as India deals with its second wave. B.C.’s health minister said the province has had concerns with the implementation of the federal quarantine rules. India is a concern not only because of the mutation, but also because of a massive resurgence in COVID-19 cases.

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