O’Toole says Trudeau Liberals’ budget is a ‘risky Ottawa-knows-best’ approach


Conservative Party Leader Erin O’Toole called the newly released 2021 federal budget a “risky ‘Ottawa-knows-best’ approach'” in a statement released Monday evening. O’Toole criticized the Trudeau Liberals for what conservatives say is election campaigning during an election. “When Justin Trudeau tables his budget this afternoon, Canadians can expect the Liberal government to incur massive new financial commitments that he expects future generations to pay for,” the statement says. “Justin Trudeau’s ‘reimagined’ economy is a risky ‘Ottawa-knows-best’ approach that picks winners and losers by deciding which jobs, sectors, and regions of our country will be prosperous. This unproven and incompetent economic approach threatens the personal financial security of Canadians.” “Conservatives got us out of the last global recession. Canadians are worried and they need to know that we will get them out of this one too,” says Conservative Erin O’Toole as he responds to federal budget, noting that his party will propose amendments.

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