NDP ethics critic attacks Ontario premier’s dead brother


One of the most prominent NDP politicians in their federal caucus has attacked the Ontario Premier’s deceased brother on Twitter. The NDP’s ethics critic Charlie Angus tweeted on Tuesday that “Rob Ford’s brother is in charge of the response to the biggest medical crisis in a century.” Angus then linked this statement to a Global News article that described the worsening COVID situation in Ontario. Premier Ford’s brother, Rob, was the mayor of Toronto from 2010 until 2014. A year before he stepped down, Rob Ford became embroiled in a substance abuse scandal. In 2016, the former mayor died of cancer after his chemotherapy failed. The reactions to Angus’s tweet has been fairly negative. Many Twitter users commented on the unpleasantness of his statement: “I have family with addiction – would you like to judge my actions based on their illnesses?” Another user tweeted “Ford has done a poor job, but citing the name of his deceased brother is classless.” Angus shot to prominence last year during the WE scandal where he teamed up with Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre.

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