GOLDSTEIN: Freeland unveils Trudeau’s $100-billion election bribe


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is out to bribe voters with $100 billion of our own money in the next election by throwing cash at every voting bloc the Liberals believe they will need to recapture a majority government. It’s no surprise. Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland said the Liberals would spend up to that amount over three years to promote economic recovery in her November economic statement. They are boasting that under their leadership Canada’s economy is recovering from the COVID-19 recession much faster than expected, while at the same time insisting the recovery is so fragile they need to spend another $100 billion over three years financed by more debt. There’s no plan to return to a balanced budget, but that’s no surprise since Trudeau had already abandoned his 2015 election promise of three years of modest deficits followed by a balanced budget long before the pandemic hit, replacing it with deficits for decades to come.

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