DeSantis Signs Bill Ending Vehicle Driver Liability For Hitting Protesters


Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-Florida) signed a controversial bill into law on Monday that diminishes First Amendment speech and protesting rights. The bill increases civil penalties for those participating in demonstrations, potentially causing those engaged in uprisings or protests to lose their voting rights if they are convicted under its provisions. The law is dangerous in other ways, too, in that it grants protections to people who use violence against demonstrators engaged in uprisings or protest events. Under the law’s provisions, those driving on a road or highway while a protest is occurring are granted civil immunity protections if they drive their vehicles into the crowd, causing harm to those taking part in the demonstration. This is similar to an Oklahoma law that was recently passed by the state legislature, which also provides protections for drivers who use their vehicles to harm groups exercising their First Amendment rights of speech and assembly. In a tweet on Monday, Fried added that the new law signed by the governor “is a flagrant assault on freedom that criminalizes peaceful protests.”

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