Danielle Kubes: Universal daycare bad for women, children and the economy


I should like the idea of universal day care. The powers-that-be tell me that as a young woman, working, and married — I’m the very demographic for whom low-cost tax-payer funded daycare would supposedly help the most. Yet, I despise the very concept. The Swedes can keep it. On Monday Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland announced a $10 a day national child-care plan modelled after the Quebec program that’s set to cost $30 billion to introduce and $8.3 billion annually to maintain. The provinces, if they agree, are on the hook for 50/50, so the cost could be double. The budget declares the benefits of universal daycare like universal truths: economic growth, early learning development and mothers with children aged one to four years old get to participate in the labour force to the same extent as fathers do. Plus — feminism, just because. Oh the hubris! Not, to be clear, that I’m against outsourcing child care in itself. Parents who wish to send their children to private daycare are free to make that choice — and pay for that choice themselves.

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