Canada Won’t ‘Run Out Of Money,’ But Your Money Will Lose Its Value


To make an effective argument against Liberal policies, the focus must be on the danger of inflation and the devaluation of Canada’s currency. Following the release of the 2021 federal budget, some have been saying things like ‘Canada is bankrupt,’ and ‘the cupboard is bare.’ The issue with this messaging is that it distracts from the real danger of Liberal policy, and makes it easier for the Liberals to refute. When the Conservatives say ‘the cupboard is bare,’ they are implying that Canada is out of money. All the Liberals have to do in order to counter that message is keep sending cheques out to people, keep spreading money around, and keep spending. On one hand, people see the Conservatives say Canada has no money left, and on the other they are seeing the Liberals throwing money all over the place. This lets the Liberals get away with their policies, and makes the Conservatives look out of touch. Those who push Modern Monetary Theory (AKA endless money printing) are 100% correct about one thing: A country like Canada that controls our own currency — through the Bank of Canada — can never ‘run out of money.’

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