Canada Has Lost Our Sense Of Ambition


Our country seems content to settle into a position of weak & vulnerable mediocrity. If there’s something that seems to be ‘unifying’ among our political leaders of all parties, it is the overwhelming lack of ambition they exhibit. Their arguments are about how to control the population best, how to tax us the most, and how to simply keep the failing system on life support. There is no sense of greatness, no ambition, nothing to aspire to. It hasn’t always been like this. Our society was once captivated by the thought of overcoming challenges, advancing our understanding of space (people once showed lots of pride in the Canadarm), and aspiring to be influential. But now, we are offered nothing but fear. The only ‘big idea’ being proposed by our ‘leaders’ is to cripple our own economy to ‘save the climate,’ a policy that makes us poorer, holds us back, restrains our potential, all while letting China race further ahead. Our military has been stripped of meaning and pride, with recruitment suffering, procurement a disaster, political correctness everywhere, and endless scandals among those at the top.

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