With Nothing Left to Lose, Imprisoned Russian Activist’s Group Shows the World What Putin Does in His Free Time


The tough, unwavering image of Vladimir Putin was eviscerated after imprisoned Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny’s Anti-Corrupt Foundation unleashed some insight into how the notorious Russian president allegedly spends his free time. The release includes floor plans for Putin’s luxury dacha (in other words, a Russian vacation retreat). And just wait until you hear what’s inside. The vacation home’s floorplans detail the elaborate nature of the luxury complex, telling of the Russian president’s hidden pampered side. Meduza reports that Putin’s “most secret” official residence, sits on approximately 618 acres of land, 370 of which are government-owned. The remainder supposedly belongs to Praym LLC, a company that Navalny’s group claims is owned by one of Putin’s oldest friends Yuri Kovalchuk. Meduza also reports on the property’s extravagant nature, saying that “there are about 80 buildings on the land leased from Praym.”

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