Democrats Plan to Bring Devastating California-Style Legislation to the Entire Nation


I have been a gig worker in various capacities since I was 15. I’ve written on a freelance basis, delivered food around the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and once even hauled a few hundred boxes for a family in the midst of a move. The flexibility of being a gig worker is unparalleled, and for someone in need of spending money while attending college, it has been perfect. Now, however, President Joe Biden and congressional Democrats have opportunities like mine in their sights. Progressive politicians and activists are pushing the Protecting the Right to Organize Act, which could potentially end the gig economy forever. According to The Wall Street Journal, the bill would open avenues for gig workers to unionize and set a specific timetable for employer-union negotiations to commence. Infuriatingly, it would also circumvent state right-to-work laws by allowing unions to collect dues from those who opted out of joining. Furthermore, the PRO Act would include a policy known as the ABC Test. Does any of this sound familiar? If so, that’s because California’s AB 5, which was passed in 2019, is the model for this effort. The two bills are essentially identical.

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