Why red flag law didn’t stop Fedex shooter Brandon Hole from obtaining rifles


Public records suggest that the gunman behind the FedEx massacre was able to legally obtain two rifles — even after having another gun taken away last year — because he never had a competency hearing. Under Indiana’s so-called “red flag law,” authorities are supposed to seek court intervention when they confiscate guns and believe that returning them to a person would constitute a threat, in a bid to keep guns out of the wrong hands. The measure is also known as the “Jake Laird Law,” in memory of an Indianapolis cop who was killed by a mentally ill man after his guns were returned to him. But Brandon Hole — the 19-year-old behind Thursday’s bloodbath at the FedEx facility he used to work at in Indianapolis — was apparently never the subject of such a hearing, even though he had been involved in a weapons case amid mental issues that involved the FBI last year, according to records. Indianapolis authorities told The Post on Sunday that they are investigating the situation. “We are looking into this matter and will be in touch with more information as soon as possible,” said a spokesman for the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office.

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