Whistleblower from China Details Horrifying Sterilization Strategy on Uighurs


A Uighur woman exiled from the Chinese region of Xinjiang and now living in Turkey has given a chilling account of mass sterilizations committed against women of the ethnic minority from her own personal experience as a doctor. What the Chinese government has been extensively accused of doing with the Turkik Uighur population in the region is a modern-day genocide, easily comparable to the treatment of Jews in Nazi Germany. According to the overwhelming evidence, Uighurs are being detained in camps, tortured, sterilized and even killed en masse — to the point of decimating their population, according to some of the horrific reports. Chinese Communist Party officials claim they are merely seeking to combat terrorism, yet what they’re engaging in by every definition violates the U.N. Genocide Convention, of which China is a signatory. The Trump State Department notably classified the treatment of the Muslim minority as genocide, while the Biden State Department has been accused of going too soft on the authoritarian regime in the manner it has sought to address these atrocities.

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