Our plan to fight the third wave is a silent admission some Canadians are more valuable than others


As COVID-19’s third wave in Canada continues to mount, we’re beginning to learn what cannot be readily conveyed by tracing the daily number of new infections: Who are the people behind the numbers shaping the vertical walls of the third wave? And where are the fuelling stations turbo-charging the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus? The truth is they are largely immigrants and racialized people working in jobs most susceptible to exposure to COVID-19. To not act in the best interest of everyone, including those least able to advocate for themselves, is a silent admission that some Canadians are more valuable than others. My journey as a Canadian began in the English-as-second-language classes of a public high school alongside other teenage immigrants from around the world. I have enjoyed many privileges that have allowed me to be trained as a physician in Canada, but not all immigrants or individuals of visible minorities are as fortunate as I am. Sharing my knowledge in this piece is a testament to what Canada means to prospective immigrants.

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