Ford backtracks on COVID-19 enforcement powers after pushback from police


Ontario Premier Doug Ford has backtracked on his decision to give the province’s law enforcement additional COVID-19 enforcement powers to stop and question people who are outside of their residence while the province’s stay-at-home is in effect. The decision to amend the wording of the regulations after only one day of being in effect comes after a vast majority of the province’s police forces indicated that they do not intend to use the powers granted to them by the government. Under the amended measure, law enforcement officers are now required to have a “reason to suspect that an individual may be participating in a gathering that is prohibited” before demanding any information from Canadians. Those who are questioned by police are still required to promptly comply and provide information. Shortly after Ford introduced the measures on Friday, police forces across the province issued statements online that they would not be randomly stopping people and cars. Police services from Toronto, Peel, Windsor, Cornwall, Peterborough and London all issued similar statements denouncing the powers.

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