Erin O’Toole Is Treating Canadian Conservatives With Undisguised Contempt


How many lies will you put up with from O’Toole? When someone lies to you over and over and over again, so blatantly, without even pretending to tell the truth, and then expects you to go along with it, what does that person think of you? Do they respect you? No. Do they think you are intelligent? No. Do they see you as an equal, as a peer? No. Instead, they are looking at you with contempt. They see you as unworthy of the truth. They see you as someone who deserves only lies. And they see you as someone who is so weak that you’ll let them keep on lying to you. Worst of all, when that person leads a political party, not only do they expect you to allow yourself to be lied to, but they then demand that you also volunteer, donate, and advocate for that party. Let me ask you this question: What would have happened if Erin O’Toole said this during the CPC Leadership campaign? “After years of campaigning against the carbon tax, and signing pledges not to bring in any consumer carbon tax, I will introduce a consumer carbon tax that takes your money and puts it into an account you can only use for government-approved ‘green purchases.’”

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