The Trudeau Liberals want Canadians fully dependent on big government


As we’ve learned in this past year, most politicians are just waiting for the chance to expand their power over those they are supposed to serve. With a crisis situation as “justification,” we’ve witnessed a restriction on rights and freedoms we once thought were ironclad and secure. Governments have been telling people when they can leave their homes, who they can see, what they can buy, when they can and can’t open their businesses, and more. And, after governments ordered businesses to be shut down, they borrowed immense sums of money to send to Canadians. In short, this past year has made more Canadians dependent on the government than any time in recent history. Of course, it was all supposed to be temporary. This was supposed to be an emergency response to a crisis, with government intervention fading quickly. But instead, the Liberals appear hell-bent on locking Canadians into long-term dependence on the government. First of all, they are planning to rapidly expand government spending in a permanent manner, with roughly $100 billion in new spending planned for the next three years.

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