Opinion: After unveiling sanctions, does Biden hope for a deal with Putin?


New US sanctions against the Kremlin interests are not very harsh. It suggests that the White House may be hoping to reach an understanding with Russia’s Vladimir Putin, writes Konstantin Eggert. US President Joe Biden has dealt a hard blow to the Putin regime. Or did he? At first glance, everything looks as if the White House sanctions escalated to a new level the confrontation with Moscow. In addition to the expulsion of Russian diplomats — as well as measures against individuals and companies associated with the Kremlin — Washington introduced new restrictions targeting Russia’s sovereign debt. Biden couldn’t wait Not even a day passed between Biden’s phone call to Russian President Vladimir Putin — which included an offer to meet — and the unveiling of the sanctions. At first glance, imposing sanctions immediately after the conversation ruins hopes for the summit. Preparations for such meetings presuppose a certain restraint on both sides.

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