Media pushes false narrative of racism


The riots that have erupted after the killing of Daunte Wright reinforce a familiar pattern. This response is rooted not only in tragedy, but in a distorted perception of reality. Chelsea Handler, for example, suggested that people of color have a “50-50” chance of being shot by police. This is a complete distortion, but fits a broader pattern. My latest report for the Manhattan Institute, based on multiple surveys, shows that being exposed to news and social media, having left-wing views on race, and being anxious or depressed explains a great deal of how much racism a person perceives. And when someone says racism in America has risen, this perception is almost entirely a figment of their imagination. In fact, racist attitudes and behaviors have been declining for decades. Progressives are deeply invested in the critical race theory narrative that America is a racist society that seeks to victimize people of color, especially black Americans. They believe this consciousness will lead us toward racial justice.

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