Court-packing is a full-frontal assault on our democracy


New York’s own Rep. Jerry Nadler and his buddies just declared war on our nation’s democracy, even as they pretend to be defending it. That’s how radical their Supreme Court-packing bill is. The bill would expand the high court by four seats, allowing President Joe Biden to almost instantly turn the current liberal minority into a majority — ensuring that the Supremes, and the US Constitution, would no longer stand in the way of anything Democrats chose to do. Never mind that the Founders’ intricate system of checks and balances, designed to prevent temporary majorities turning into permanent tyrannies, is why this republic has survived for 232 years, nor that the high court’s independence from passing political winds is central to that balance. For all its recent noise about voting rights and so on, the left only cares about power — it wants to transform America now. Anything that stands in its way, it simply denounces as “anti-Democratic” and “racist.” Hence Rep. Mondaire Jones’ obscene claim that the current court is “hostile to democracy itself.”

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