Come back, Donald Trump — Canada’s self-esteem needs you


Well, it was fun while it lasted. For four years, with Donald Trump in office, Canada basked in the comparison — peace, order and not-so-chaotic government here, relatively speaking. But now, with Trump not even 100 days out of office, American superiority to Canada is rearing its head again and Canada, alas, has lost its smugness edge. In the past couple of weeks, two U.S. cable news hosts have taken pokes at how Canada is dealing with this stage of the pandemic. First it was Tucker Carlson on Fox News. That hit was easy to shrug off. It was Fox, after all. But then came Jake Tapper on CNN — yes, the network to which so many Canadians were tuned during the Trump years — taking Canada and Trudeau to task on Monday night for what CNN headlined the “vaccine shortage” in this country. Tapper, who was still tweeting about Canada’s vaccine problems on Wednesday, has roots here. “My mom was born in Canada, my grandfather fought in WWII for the @RoyalCanNavy, my great uncle was killed flying for @RCAF_ARC, I still have cousins there, and you’re right on our border. Am I not allowed to care that seniors there aren’t getting vaccinated?”

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