Betrayal: Erin O’Toole Introduces Carbon Tax Plan, Would Take Your Money, Put It Under The Control Of Bay Street-Run Elitist Consortium


Erin O’Toole ran as a “True Blue Conservative.” He repeatedly pledged, over and over and over again, to repeal the carbon tax. But now, we know he was lying. Instead, while he claimed to oppose a carbon tax, it turns out that O’Toole was hatching up his own carbon tax plan, a plan which may end up being even more arrogant than the Liberal one. In short, O’Toole plans to impose a carbon tax, take your money from you and put it into a private-sector consortium, which will then let you use the money to choose from a government-chosen list of approved items with which you can spend it in order to live ‘a greener life.’ Here’s what the Canadian Taxpayers Federation said about it: “The Canadian Taxpayers Federation is slamming Conservative Party of Canada Leader Erin O’Toole for his proposal to implement a carbon tax, which would break his pledge to repeal carbon taxes. The Canadian Taxpayer Federation also Tweeted – after O’Toole’s announcement – that he has broken his promise, and shared a video of him previously slamming the idea of a tax plan: “Last summer, @erinotoole told us he would repeal carbon taxes. Today, he’s breaking that promise.”

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