As Our Failed Leaders Plan Curfews & Interprovincial Travel Restrictions On Canadian Citizens, Our Airports Are Left Wide Open To COVID Infected People


Something we need more of in politics is the common-sense test. If something is so obviously the opposite of common-sense, there’s a reason it seems it seems that way. And that reason is that – in most circumstances – it’s probably a horrible idea. So, when you hear that countless people are getting on to planes, flying into Canada infected with COVID-19, and then walking through airports and entering the country, it sounds like it must be a joke. And then, when you see our ‘leaders’ talking about interprovincial travel restrictions and curfews – in effect finishing off the last of the rights we thought we had by telling us when we can leave our homes, while still keeping their airports wide open to the infected – it sounds like it must be total insanity. And it is. Here’s what the Ford government is considering: “Here are a few more things that I am hearing are up for discussion at cabinet with @fordnation tomorrow: pushing the stay-at-home order past May 6, fining people who go to work when they can work from home and more enforcement powers for police. Sounds like a fun meeting. #onpoli”

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