Watch: CNN Camera Crew Attacked At Protest With BLM Supporters, Forced To Retreat From Scene


CNN camera crew members were attacked during a protest where Black Lives Matter supporters gathered outside a police station in Minneapolis on Wednesday evening, and were forced to retreat from the scene after repeatedly being assaulted. “Man part of CNN crew for CNN reporter @miguelmarquez was hit in the head by a protester at the #BLM protest in Brooklyn Center, Minn,” journalist Andy Ngo, who covers far-left extremism, wrote on Twitter. “He falls to the ground from the assault.” Ngo later said that the entire camera crew were “violently chased away from the #BLM protest in Brooklyn Center, Minn.” During the violent Black Lives Matter riots that rocked the U.S. last summer, far-left extremists attacked CNN’s headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, shattering windows and throwing explosives inside the building as law enforcement officials guarded the lobby.

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