Trudeau Liberals spent $180,000 on Super Bowl ad to remind you that COVID exists


The Trudeau Liberals spent over $180,000 on Super Bowl ads, the Department of Public Works has admitted. According to Blacklock’s Reporter, Cabinet admitted that it purchased 135 seconds of TV advertising at $1,347 per second, for a total of $180,000, for a “coronavirus public education” advertisement. The Trudeau Liberals have spent hundreds of millions of dollars on public education campaigns for the Canadian public, including a recent $64 million investment into COVID-19 vaccine education campaigns to aid with vaccine hesitancy. “Vaccines are an important and effective way to protect Canadians and stop the spread of COVID-19. Working with our partners, we will make sure that Canadians have the latest information about how and when they can get vaccinated, but also why they should get vaccinated,” said the government in a statement. The Trudeau Liberals also put $120 million into a government-wide marketing budget included funding for “behavioural scientists,” reported the reporters at Blacklock’s Reporter. The money was used to “get the news to Canadians” on topics relating to the pandemic, according to assistant secretary to cabinet Ken McKillop.

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