Trudeau gets trolled by MPs, media with ‘Tru-Anon’ after he makes false COVID claims


CNN anchor Jake Tapper has coined a new term for those unwavering, incorrigible Trudeau supporters, “Tru-Anons.” Speaking on Twitter, the CNN anchor lambasted the attacks he received after he criticized the Trudeau government, saying “careful for acknowledging facts or Tru-Anon will attack you.” Prominent Conservative MP Michelle Rempel Garner reacted to Tapper’s new label, asking “Tru-anon. Will it stick?” CNN attacked the prime minister’s vaccine distribution on Monday, calling it a “real failure by the Trudeau government.” Since then, the anchor’s Twitter has been flooded by Trudeau supporters, claiming against all evidence, that things are really quite swell in the Great White North. In response to these claims, Tapper noted his deep, Canadian connection after adding “the Canadian people deserve better.” Throughout the week, American media is continuing to shred Prime Minister Trudeau’s pandemic response, calling his governance “woeful.” In a recent article by Forbes, the journalist proceeds to write that Trudeau’s COVID hotels have “failed;” that the vaccination program has been “woeful,” and that “Canadians are [becoming] jealous of Americans.”

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