Five things about Canada’s proposed small modular nuclear reactors


Alberta’s Jason Kenney became the fourth Canadian premier to sign an agreement supporting the development of small modular nuclear reactors (SMRs) in Canada on Wednesday. Kenney signed a memorandum of understanding with the premiers of Ontario, New Brunswick and Saskatchewan. The provinces also released a feasibility report prepared by Ontario Power Generation, Bruce Power, NB Power and SaskPower which gives a potential timeline for development and deployment of SMRs and assesses their competitiveness with other non-emitting energy sources. Here’s five things you should know about SMRs: SMRs are nuclear reactors that produce less than 300 megawatts of electricity. Because they are smaller than traditional nuclear power plants, which generally produce 800 MW and up, they are expected to be cheaper to build, scalable to meet specific industrial and remote community needs and, according to the report, will have the “potential” to be competitive with other low-carbon forms of energy.

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