Carson Jerema: Trudeau government failed to keep out the variants tearing through Canada


It was in the power of the federal government to contain the current wave of the pandemic, fuelled as it is by more contagious variants, through border controls or more timely vaccine procurement. But you won’t hear any contrition from the prime minister. When asked during question period Tuesday about his government’s slow vaccine rollout, Justin Trudeau deflected and said the “facts” are that health restrictions are what are needed to blunt the spread of COVID-19. In other words, take it up with the provinces.Public health measures are indeed needed, and, excepting Atlantic Canada, the provinces’ execution on this front have ranged from barely useful to negligent, but that doesn’t absolve the federal government of its very real failures. Countries that have been more successful at addressing the pandemic have done so with a robust response from national governments, whether from more timely border controls or more effective vaccine procurement. The U.S. started out as a disaster but federal funding for vaccine development has Canadians today looking south with envy.In Ontario, there are now regularly over 4,000 new cases a day, and a record 1,877 COVID-19 patients in hospital

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