Canada Is Only As Strong As Our People


And Canadians are increasingly unhealthy, both physically and mentally. Before the Wuhan Virus crisis, Canada was an increasingly unhealthy nation. Physically, rates of obesity have been rising, with more and more people weighing an unhealthy amount. Mentally, suicides are rising, and ‘deaths of despair’ such as drug overdoses (which often represent suicide in slow motion), have been increasing as well. So, when the virus hit, it reached a population that was already vulnerable. And yet, our ‘leaders’ responded in such a way as to make those vulnerabilities worse. Despite many people noting how important physical fitness is to being more resilient to illnesses including COVID-19, one of the first things those in power did was to shut down gyms, and shut down sports – including sports programs for young people. Meanwhile, with restaurants shuttered and gathering restricted, many people started ordering out even more as they stayed at home, mixing an increasingly sedentary lifestyle with more unhealthy food.

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