BLM Activist Facing Charges for ‘Violent’ Anti-Asian Hate Crime


A man linked to the neo-Marxist, race-obsessed Black Lives Matter movement — which purports to promote equity for all — is accused of screaming racial slurs and throwing items at cars with women and children inside in two separate anti-Asian incidents over three days in Seattle. He has been charged with a hate crime over one incident. We know perpetrators of anti-Asian attacks aren’t all white men seeking to spread white supremacy. We also know Black Lives Matter is not a group for equality. It’s a terror group that wants racial supremacy and communism. Thanks to reporting on the steep rise in recent anti-Asian crimes, we’ve seen that many of the alleged race-inspired attackers actually appear to be black men. Jason Rantz with Seattle-based KTTH-AM reported, in another narrative-buster, that a man named Christopher Hamner, who is black and aligns himself as an activist with the Black Lives Matter movement, is the latest non-white supremacist accused of engaging in attacks on Asian Americans — and these attacks appear racially-motivated.

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