Media cheers a return to the failed Iran deal: Goodwin


A Monday New York Times front page headline on the explosion at a key Iranian nuclear facility claimed the “Attack May Hurt Efforts to Reboot 2015 Deal.” On Tuesday, also on the front page, the paper declared that “Israel’s Role in Iran Blast Casts A Shadow on U.S. Nuclear Talks” Get it? Making a new deal with Iran is a very good thing, anything that hurts the chance is a very bad thing, including Israel. Here’s an alternative view: the Times is still drinking the Kool-Aid that the original Iranian nuclear pact was a success and is worth saving. To committed dead enders, Iran’s violations of the terms and spread of regional terrorism are irrelevant. The cult surrounding the deal at the Gray Lady includes the paper’s editorial board. Its Saturday screed, written before the weekend attack, began by saying “There exists now a brief window of time” for President Biden to reach a new accord. The reason: Iranian moderates could be gone by summer. Ah, yes, Iranian moderates, the unicorns that only blinkered leftists can see. So let’s hurry and make a deal, any deal. The Times, of course, spews a lot of nonsense that is safely ignored, but this time it’s singing in harmony with Biden.

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