Like Many Statist Politicians, Chrystia Freeland Seems Quite Excited About The “Political Opportunity’ A Year Of Suffering Has Created To Push An Agenda


Is it any wonder that so many politicians have shown such a zeal for draconian restrictions in within our borders, but are still so lax on stopping people from bringing the virus in? Often times, oversimplification is a negative thing. This is a world full of nuance, and trying to package everything into neat little categories leaves much out. However, there are times when simplification can help to clarify a relevant truth. And in this case, that truth is that there fundamentally two kinds of politicians: Those who see public service as a way to defend the rights and freedoms of those they serve, and those who see public service as an opportunity to exercise power and reshape people’s lives. As you are probably already thinking, this past year has shown there are far too many of the latter kind of politician, and far too few of the former. And that brings us to this clip of Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland: “and Canada’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance will ensure that COVID will be used to further the Trudeau Liberals’ political agenda.”

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