In Minnesota, attacks on police are escalating in ugly ways


We learned yesterday that Daunte Wright’s death in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota occurred after Wright wildly fought off the arresting officers, only to have an officer mistake her gun for her taser. The complete absence of information about Wright’s cause of death didn’t stop the usual suspects from going to war against their own community, looting and destroying property. However, unlike last year, the escalation against the police is getting more vicious because people are being encouraged to dox police and threaten their families. Let me break down the multiple points in that opening paragraph: 1. If you watch the graphic bodycam footage, which the police released on Monday, Wright struggled violently. The female officer whose bodycam you’re watching intended to taser him because she can be heard screaming, “Taser! Taser! Taser!” And then she fired her gun. This has happened before, in the San Francisco Bay Area. It’s impossible to know whether Wright’s immediate cause of death was due to stupidity, carelessness, or a pure mistake. I can imagine myself making the same stupid mistake in the heat of the moment.

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