Church St. community reacts to news Toronto police had evidence of a serial killer: We feel ‘gaslighted’


For many members of this city’s LGBTQ community, a landmark review into how police handled a string of high-profile missing-person cases only confirmed what they already knew — they were right to be afraid a serial killer was active in the Gay Village. But, then, why did Toronto police say otherwise? In her report released Tuesday, former Ontario Court of Appeal judge Gloria Epstein found police investigators did, indeed, have evidence linking Bruce McArthur to the disappearances of several missing men by Dec. 8, 2017 — the day former police chief Mark Saunders publicly downplayed the community’s fears and a police spokesperson incorrectly said there was “repeat, no evidence” linking the cases. “It was inaccurate, and unfortunately misleading, to say that the existing evidence told police affirmatively that there was not a serial killer in Toronto,” Epstein wrote in her report. (She added she doesn’t believe Saunders deliberately misled the public, but may have had “an imperfect understanding of the state of the investigation” after returning from sick leave.)

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