Watch: Poilievre slams Liberal House Leader over failure to answer questions


Liberal Leader Pablo Rodriguez has been slammed by Pierre Poilievre today, calling him the “Minister of I don’t know” on Twitter. Poilievre attacked the minister for the Liberal’s infamous inability to answer questions. Poilievre suggested that despite the Rodriguez being present to answer questions, “he didn’t know any of the answers.” “We asked why the contracts with WE had been backdated more than six weeks and he didn’t even know that was the case,” said Poilievre. “Did they just send this minister over to the committee because he didn’t know anything? So he couldn’t accidentally tell the truth,” asked Poilievre. “We wanted to hear from the minister responsible, not minister ‘I don’t know.'” Going on to say that this is what Canadians got from Minister Rodriguez. “We asked question after question, and he broke the Guinness Book of World Records for not asking questions.” “To his credit, he openly admitted that he didn’t know any of the answers. So if he didn’t know any of the answers, can [the Liberals] send another minister who can explain why this government gave another half-billion-dollar grant to a group that had paid the prime minister’s family.”

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