Trudeau Minister Bill Blair’s team endorses ban on criminal background checks


Trudeau Minister Bill Blair’s department has endorsed a policy that would stop employers from conducting universal criminal background checks. Blair’s team approved of this motion after research revealed that the unemployment rate for convicted felons lies at around 50 percent, according to Blacklock’s Reporter. As a result of this, Blair believes these universal background checks are discriminatory, following in the path of provinces like BC, Ontario and Quebec. Writing in an economic report, Blair’s team said that “the mere existence of a criminal record is one of the main reasons why securing employment after incarceration can be elusive for many.” This law “would yield fruitful results as it would provide individuals with a criminal record greater opportunity to reintegrate into the community and to increase self-reliance that stems from legal employment,” they added. Minister Bill Blair has not yet commented on this report. The report continued by saying that “employer bias is a barrier that individuals with criminal records commonly encounter when aiming to secure employment.”

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