Over 50 percent of Canadians want Trudeau gone: poll


In another sign of trouble for the Trudeau government, a fresh poll has suggested that well over 50 percent of Canadians believe that the country needs a new government. This poll, conducted by Ipsos, shows that 56 percent of those surveyed think that it is “time for a new party to take over” government. ‘Which do you agree more with?’ Trudeau Has Done A Good Job And Deserves Re-Election: 44%. Time For Another Party To Take Over: 56%. Only 44 percent of Canadians feel strongly enough to say that the prime minister “has done a good job and deserves re-election.” The poll was conducted on April 9th. This news follows Campaign Research’s earlier poll that showed a Conservative surge in Ontario. This showed the Conservative Party leading in multiple regions like Eastern Ontario, Northern Ontario, and the Hamilton-Niagara area. The CPC is also on top in O’Toole’s home region of Durham. Trudeau’s Liberals, on the other hand, are on top in Ottawa and Toronto. This will come as welcome news to O’Toole’s Conservatives, who have recently suffered through a bundle of negative polling reports.

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